Month: January 2016

Mom was better than the Internet

She said that maybe it was spelled jinni, not Genie and they (jinni) were powerful wind spirits in the Middle East. That sounds way closer to the crazy things I’ve been seeing since I bought that green bottle at the flea market.

TV shows

You know all those TV shows about history that show people looking for things? I watch all of them. Even the ones that don’t make any sense. My mom says that if all the old stuff on earth was built by ancient aliens then they mustn’t have had a life. I said maybe they were Read More …

Hello Livy Here

Hey, I don’t like talking to people all that much but my mom says I need to “socialize”, whatever that means. So I decided to start a blog…I think that’s what she meant by socializing.  “As long as I don’t have to let people comment”, I say. Okay so maybe it’s one way socializing. So here I am. First Read More …