Flat headed aliens? I don’t think so.

You know those shows that say aliens came here in the past because archaeologists found weird shaped skulls that are all flat on the top and long? They do look kind of alien.

Flat headded Aliens, Early Human Fashion
Photo by Didier Descouens – Aliens or Cosmetic Human Fashion

Yeah, until you put flat skulls in a search. They were everywhere! People used to do it in Mexico and Hawaii and in the Bahamas and France! Even some Native Americans used to do it. They used boards and straps to sort of smoosh the baby’s head flat when it was little. You gotta wonder if it messes with your brain but it doesn’t. It’s called cosmetic. I told my mom that it’s a crazy way to change the way you look and she said, yeah, as crazy as tattoos, piercings, painting pictures on your nails and wearing your pants real low.