I can’t believe I like to wear a poop eating Scarab necklace, but I do

Some friends of my mom went to Egypt and they brought me back a scarab. Do you know what that is?

Cool Scarab on Egyptian Box
Cool looking scarab on a really pretty Egyptian box.

It’s a little carved beetle about as big as your thumbnail and it looks like a shiny brown bug. Well it is a shiny brown bug. It has a hole drilled in it so you can put it on a string. I got a blue cord from a hobby store to put it on. It looks great! I wear it because I think it’s lucky but it’s also supposed to protect you.

Poop eating scarab necklace
My scarab necklace I made.

Anyway, the reason the Egyptians liked it was that it was supposed to be like the sun god who rolled the sun across the sky. See, the beetles put their eggs in dung and roll it around till the larvae hatches, or sometimes they eat it! The dung, I mean, Aaaaah! Dung is just animal poop! But it’s not really bad poop because it comes from farm animals. At least I think it does. It would be horrible if the little bugs rolled dog poop around! Anyway, my friend Isabel calls it my lucky bug poop necklace and now she’s got my mom and me calling it that. My mom says, “You left your poop necklace on the bathroom sink again.”

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