I need to get a metal detector so I can find some Saxon treasure!

So there was this treasure found in England 7 years ago in somebody’s field!

It was found by this guy with a metal detector. He found hundreds of bags of gold and silver things. They were like swords and helmets so it was dude stuff but its real pretty with garnets and cloisonné (I don’t know what that is). It’s from over a thousand years ago by Anglo-Saxons. I need to get a metal detector! I’m going to look online and see how much they cost. But here’s the mysterious thing. Nobody knows why they buried it. I mean they probably were coming back for it but maybe the only guy who knew where it was hidden died! I wonder if his ghost tried to protect it. My mom said well at least the ghost did his job for 1200 years.

Seahorse and other pretty garnets.
Seahorse and other pretty garnets pictured by Robert Clark.