Hey look what I found!

It’s a Halloween decoration but it looks like a genii bottle. Well okay it has a spider on it but maybe it was kept in a real old, dusty place where there were spiders. BIG GIANT spiders. I’m not afraid of spiders. Well, I don’t want them on me but I don’t mind looking at them. We have a white and yellow and black one in the back yard that is HUGE. She doesn’t like you to bump her web. Like I would do that on purpose. So anyway we have Halloween costume stores that are just there for a couple of months and they have lots of stuff. I told my mom I want to find a genii girl costume and she said we can go look when she has time. She said remember Halloween is in October when it’s cold so find a genii costume with a sweater or something. Isn’t that crazy?! A sweater?!