My Halloween Ball Gown it’s Halloween and I have my costume all ready. I’m going to be a girl in a ball gown. Okay, it’s a pageant dress from a used pageant dress store but I don’t do pageants! And I’m not a princess either. If girls knew what happened to real princesses they wouldn’t want to be one. Anyway it’s a beautiful dress with a big skirt that’s my mom calls peacock blue. But it got me thinking about Halloween and why we dress up and things like that. Isabel and I looked it up. It was kind of complicated but it’s mainly a day of the dead. The veils of the world are thin that night and so you can communicate with the dead. I don’t know what you’d say to the dead. Maybe, hey great grandpa, what’s up? My great great grandpa fought in the Great War. I don’t know what war that was. I guess I’d say hey great great grandpa, I hope you’re doing fine and not fighting in a war.