October 30, 2016

My Halloween Ball Gown

http://www.dressilyme.com/p-dressilyme-cute-tulle-amp-diamond-tulle-bateau-neckline-floor-length-ball-gown-girls-apos-formal-dress-51428.htmlWell it’s Halloween and I have my costume all ready. I’m going to be a girl in a ball gown. Okay, it’s a pageant dress from a used pageant dress store but I don’t do pageants! And I’m not a princess either. If girls knew what happened to real princesses they wouldn’t want to be one. Anyway it’s a beautiful dress with a big skirt that’s my mom calls peacock blue. But it got me thinking about Halloween and why we dress up and things like that. Isabel and I looked it up. It was kind of complicated but it’s mainly a day of the dead. The veils of the world are thin that night and so you can communicate with the dead. I don’t know what you’d say to the dead. Maybe, hey great grandpa, what’s up? My great great grandpa fought in the Great War. I don’t know what war that was. I guess I’d say hey great great grandpa, I hope you’re doing fine and not fighting in a war.

October 2, 2016

Hey look what I found!

It’s a Halloween decoration but it looks like a genii bottle. Well okay it has a spider on it but maybe it was kept in a real old, dusty place where there were spiders. BIG GIANT spiders. I’m not afraid of spiders. Well, I don’t want them on me but I don’t mind looking at them. We have a white and yellow and black one in the back yard that is HUGE. She doesn’t like you to bump her web. Like I would do that on purpose. So anyway we have Halloween costume stores that are just there for a couple of months and they have lots of stuff. I told my mom I want to find a genii girl costume and she said we can go look when she has time. She said remember Halloween is in October when it’s cold so find a genii costume with a sweater or something. Isn’t that crazy?! A sweater?!

March 20, 2016

I need to get a metal detector so I can find some Saxon treasure!

So there was this treasure found in England 7 years ago in somebody’s field!

It was found by this guy with a metal detector. He found hundreds of bags of gold and silver things. They were like swords and helmets so it was dude stuff but its real pretty with garnets and cloisonné (I don’t know what that is). It’s from over a thousand years ago by Anglo-Saxons. I need to get a metal detector! I’m going to look online and see how much they cost. But here’s the mysterious thing. Nobody knows why they buried it. I mean they probably were coming back for it but maybe the only guy who knew where it was hidden died! I wonder if his ghost tried to protect it. My mom said well at least the ghost did his job for 1200 years.

Seahorse and other pretty garnets.
Seahorse and other pretty garnets pictured by Robert Clark.


March 4, 2016

I can’t believe I like to wear a poop eating Scarab necklace, but I do

Some friends of my mom went to Egypt and they brought me back a scarab. Do you know what that is?

Cool Scarab on Egyptian Box
Cool looking scarab on a really pretty Egyptian box.

It’s a little carved beetle about as big as your thumbnail and it looks like a shiny brown bug. Well it is a shiny brown bug. It has a hole drilled in it so you can put it on a string. I got a blue cord from a hobby store to put it on. It looks great! I wear it because I think it’s lucky but it’s also supposed to protect you.

Poop eating scarab necklace
My scarab necklace I made.

Anyway, the reason the Egyptians liked it was that it was supposed to be like the sun god who rolled the sun across the sky. See, the beetles put their eggs in dung and roll it around till the larvae hatches, or sometimes they eat it! The dung, I mean, Aaaaah! Dung is just animal poop! But it’s not really bad poop because it comes from farm animals. At least I think it does. It would be horrible if the little bugs rolled dog poop around! Anyway, my friend Isabel calls it my lucky bug poop necklace and now she’s got my mom and me calling it that. My mom says, “You left your poop necklace on the bathroom sink again.”

February 22, 2016

I just can’t figure out those pyramids

There was this guy on TV who said that the pyramids were built to hold grain. I don’t think that’s right.

Why pyramids? All Giza Pyramids Photo by Ricardo Liberato
All Giza Pyramids Photo by Ricardo Liberato

I looked up grain elevators and stuff like that and if the pyramid was supposed to hold grain wouldn’t it have a lid on the top like a big cookie jar? And how would you get the grain out? You would have to have a door at the bottom. I looked at all the pyramid pictures I could find and I didn’t see any doors at the bottom. And how come it’s not all hollow but just full of little rooms and tunnels? I haven’t figured out what the pyramids are for. I have to think about it more.

February 11, 2016

Flat headed aliens? I don’t think so.

You know those shows that say aliens came here in the past because archaeologists found weird shaped skulls that are all flat on the top and long? They do look kind of alien.

Flat headded Aliens, Early Human Fashion
Photo by Didier Descouens – Aliens or Cosmetic Human Fashion

Yeah, until you put flat skulls in a search. They were everywhere! People used to do it in Mexico and Hawaii and in the Bahamas and France! Even some Native Americans used to do it. They used boards and straps to sort of smoosh the baby’s head flat when it was little. You gotta wonder if it messes with your brain but it doesn’t. It’s called cosmetic. I told my mom that it’s a crazy way to change the way you look and she said, yeah, as crazy as tattoos, piercings, painting pictures on your nails and wearing your pants real low.

January 28, 2016

Mom was better than the Internet

She said that maybe it was spelled jinni, not Genie and they (jinni) were powerful wind spirits in the Middle East. That sounds way closer to the crazy things I’ve been seeing since I bought that green bottle at the flea market.

January 28, 2016

What’s up with Genie Bottles on the Internet

So I wanted to find out some about this bottle I bought at the flea market that's doing strange stuff so I thought I'd see what was on the Internet. Boy was that a stupid idea. All I got was a bunch of genie bottle to buy. Well, I already got on.

Look at this, it makes me crazy when I did the search for genie bottle. You can either click the text or the picture to see what I found.Genie Bottle Search Images

I guess I'll just ask my other great source of information, my Mom.

January 12, 2016

TV shows

You know all those TV shows about history that show people looking for things? I watch all of them. Even the ones that don’t make any sense. My mom says that if all the old stuff on earth was built by ancient aliens then they mustn’t have had a life. I said maybe they were bored and building stuff on earth was their hobby but she said no alien would be that bored. And she said it’s insulting to ancient people to say that they were too stupid to build all those great things like pyramids and palaces. I think she has a point there. But I don’t know about those guys who are trying to get to the bottom of that hole on that island. No treasure could be worth that much work. Even if it’s from the Templars. I don’t know who they are anyway.

January 8, 2016

Hello Livy Here

Hey, I don’t like talking to people all that much but my mom says I need to “socialize”, whatever that means. So I decided to start a blog…I think that’s what she meant by socializing.  “As long as I don’t have to let people comment”, I say. Okay so maybe it’s one way socializing. So here I am.

Snake dish thingy, tile fish and coins
Snake dish thingy, tile fish and coins

First entry: I met this crazy old lady today that had a million cats and a lot of cool stuff. You, know, the kind of person who’s cool stuff ends up at the thrift store after they die. Anyway she let me take a picture of some of the stuff so I thought that would be the first thing I would blog about.